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Love for those lovely pairs of leather shoes is undying. Seasons come and go but they always stay trendy and fun. Be it a formal look for Monday mornings or an adventure hook for weekends, pure leather shoes for men carry a class of their own. However, there are certain measures that need to be taken into account when it comes to maintaining the health of leather shoes for reasons that help enhance durability and performance altogether. We at Banish shoes are here to help you carry those chic leather shoes with class and pride every time you go out. Just follow these simple steps and make those leather shoes hop onto their best.

Keep them clean - The very first lesson one must learn about leather shoes is to keep them squeaky clean. One might come across a great deal of variations while browsing casual shoes for men online, and might buy a similar casual pair off, however, the constant care that a pair of leather shoes require is way more demanding than any other casual pair of shoes. One must use a soft cloth to rub the dirt off as they venture upon the task of cleaning.

Apply a leather cleaner - Dab the cleaner on a soft piece of cloth or use a soft brush, and absolutely avoid the use of sponges for the same. Small and consistent circular motions around the surface will give the desired outcome while cleaning those classy pure leather shoes for men.

Water and vinegar for the win - In case one encounters salt stains on their leather shoes, water and vinegar should be used for treating it well. Just mix two parts of water with 1 part of vinegar and rub it on the salt stain with a soft brush.

Dry at room temperature - After the aforementioned steps are successfully carried out, one needs to allow the pair of leather shoes to dry at room temperature. Make sure to avoid any sort of heat from entering the room while the leather shoes are drying.

Conditioning is a must - Apart from these, one should also be particular about conditioning the leather shoes every 25th wear, however, it also depends on the kind of weather one experiences or the climate they live in. If the weather is harsh, one is advised to condition the leather shoes every 5th to 10th time of wearing them otherwise the 25th time is suitable enough.

Polish for the sheen - Add the polish in small proportions and run them in circular motion in order to get the best results for leather shoes. One can use a soft horsehair brush or a piece of cloth for the same. Polish is used for protecting the shoes against any harsh environments and keeps them in a durable state for a long time.

Weatherproof according to the season - If the weather is anywhere around icy or snowy, it is advised to use beeswax or any leave-in spray for weatherproofing those leather shoes. It is supposed to be applied every once a suitable season.

These are some of the easy methods one can put to use and maintain the health of their leather shoes, unlike the effort required for maintaining casual shoes for men online. One can also be particular about giving their leather shoes a break from wear, or by getting a professional cleaning done before storing them away and can make sure to pack away their leather shoes in a breathable fabric once the cleaning and polishing is carried out with precision.
Next time you buy a beautiful pair of leather shoes, remember that it's beauty lies in your hands, so buy them, maintain them, and carry them with pride.
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