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Let us explore some interesting and intriguing facts about the different types of leather shoes:

We believe in disseminating the right information for our customers to make an informed decision at the end. We try our best to ensure that they are given the choice of doing what suits them the best and rewards them in ways that are desirable. Be it an activity as regular that they engage with in order to buy men party shoes online, or any other type of shoes that interests them the most. With us you make the best and wise choices in life, hence, let us learn about the different types of leather shoes and which shall suit you the best. Read the information below carefully and get to know the shoe world from within:

a) Roughout Leather: This type of leather has a rough side of the skin on the outside of the shoes. They are considered to be rough and tough as the name suggests and are taken to be a breathable material in general.

b) Veg-Tanned: These are extremely basic types of leather shoes and as the name suggests this material comes from tree barks as well as vegetable matter that are used in the tanning process which gives it the stiffness and the natural colour. Next time you look out to buy leather shoes online India, don’t forget to search for these beauties.

c) Pull-ups- These are heavily waxed and oiled leather shoes which gives it the maintenance free feature that has received a commendable review across the globe. They are taken to be the most preferable type of casual shoes since they were introduced in the 1920's.

d) Suede: These leather shoes are just like roughout, however, the skin that they have on the outside is sanded down and is buffed to provide an even texture as compared to roughouts. These are quite thin and are suited the best for delicate garments and is considered to be a light wear material, especially during the summers as it helps cope with the heat better than any other type of leather shoes. Henec, they make a great option while surfing to buy men party shoes online.

e) Patent Leather: These are super shiny leather shoes with a classic mirror like sheen to it. It is believed that the finishing process for patent was taken from the Japanese lacquering methods that helped create the slick look it now has. These are widely worn as formal shoes over tuxedos generally.

Concluding your quest with our expertise and care:

We curate the best for you which makes you stand out in the crowd and gives you an edge over the others. Hence, with us the growth that you have in terms of your knowledge, fashion skill, shoe preferences, is commendable. We serve you with the most relevant and accurate pieces of information that helps you learn and explore the obscure and be the wise one amongst all, be it something as specific as surfing to buy leather shoes online India or any other shoe type you want to learn about, we stand by your side, day in or out.

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