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Your ultimate partner in crime, your buddy in love divine, your sporty support in adventures of a kind or your rescue mate on weekdays aligned, our beloved shoes and sandals make the most of our lifetime. Wherever we go, whoever we meet, we wear our favourite pair of shoes or sandals that evidently suit our needs. However, it so often happens that we forget to pamper our shoes and sandals with some love, care and caution which eventually leads to a shorter life span for them, resulting in frequent purchases for online shoes shopping in India altogether. We at Banish shoes consider it our moral obligation to spread awareness about the ways in which you can take good care of your shoes and sandals and provide them a healthy and a longer life span. Follow the below mentioned steps carefully and experience the contentment of keeping your shoes and sandals clean and chic.

  1. CLEAN THEM WELL- It is absolutely necessary to clean your footwear on a regular basis, preferably every fourth or fifth wear. As you wear them out to your office, parks, parties etc, they lead to dirt and dust accumulation overtime and might get ruined if not cleaned well in time. It is also advised to follow certain steps for a particular type of footwear when it comes to cleaning. For instance, if you need to clean your leather shoes, browse the procedure and equipment required to do so, you can also refer to our website which entails extensive information on cleaning leather shoes as well. Once you know which type of footwear you’re about to clean and what all products and tools are necessary for the same, start the cleaning process and experience the satisfaction.
  2. STORE THEM PROPERLY- Everything in life needs a break, be it you yourself. As your venture upon sandals for men shopping online India, and create an exclusive range for yourself, remember to give your old pairs a break from wearing them. By the time, we advise you to use your new pairs and utilise its potential with caution and care. While giving your old pairs the much needed rest, be particular about storing them well, that too in a proper position. For instance, store your leather shoes or sandals in shoe bags itself as it protects them against any light and heat while keeping the dust and dirt from accumulating on its surface. Moving on, store your suede shoes in a way that it is exposed to air and is able to breathe, hence, avoid plastic bags for the same. In this way, being a little aware and considerate can save you a lot of time, energy and money from flowing in vain everytime you spoil a pair of shoes out of carelessness.
  3. REPAIR IT WHEN REQUIRED- Your footwear require repairs as well, no matter how well they perform on a daily basis, or no matter how remarkable the quality is, wearing them regularly will certainly has its repercussions, hence, get them resoled, re-welted, etc as per your requirements. However, what we strictly advice you is to never leave these concerns unattended as they can potentially decrease the performance and quality of your shoes and sandals and put you through the trouble of online shoes shopping in India every now and then.
All you need to do is stick by the rules and play it safe. We are here at your rescue to save you from some minor and avoidable losses as you venture into the shoe world and learn more about it with us.
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