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Love for shoes comes in all sorts of fabric, shape and size, but the preference and popularity towards any footwear wrapped in leather goes without saying. Leather shoes are considered a perfect match for any piece of clothing that you put on as they carry an edge over all types of footwear, hence, for a number of people who buy men party shoes online, leather shoes are the greatest option at hand. However, what a majority of them might not be aware of despite their top preference, is how to take care and maintain those extravagant pairs of leather shoes? It’s simple yet methodical, all you need to do is follow some footsteps and claim its beauty in all shapes and sizes and for this very reason, we at Banish shoes are here to provide you a complete and a safe guide on ways to look after those precious pairs of leather shoes.

1. CLEAN THE DIRT OFF: All you need is a dry brush or a soft piece of cloth and brush it gently over the dirt and filth that’s accumulated over the period of time. After you are done cleaning the large and visible part of the shoes, you will be required to take a look at the small spaces and edges where the dirt might be hidden. For this purpose, we recommend you to use a welt brush and water in order to clean it efficiently. Make a good inspection after you are done cleaning the small areas in order to ensure that all the dirt and filth is removed. This will help you avoid scratches while polishing the leather shoe.

2. CONDITION THE SHOES: Conditioning the pair of leather shoes is a next step towards giving quality care to them. While a lot of customers prefer to buy leather shoes online India, they skip on the part where quality care should be a must and should ensure the durability of their leather shoes. Conditioning the leather shoes once the cleaning process is over, provides the necessary moisture and softens the membrane which further protects it from drying out and cracking. In order to condition the leather shoes, just take a small and soft piece of cloth, damp it with the required amount of conditioner and rub it on the shoe. Make sure to cover all the areas following which let the pair of leather shoes dry out for the next 30 minutes. It is highly recommended to leave the shoes indoors, at room temperature while drying them out, and do not put them out in the sun under any circumstances.

3. POLISH THE SHOES: Once the cleaning and conditioning of the shoes is done, it is time to bring out the shine in them. This round is the final step towards maintaining your leather shoes. You can select any sort of polish, be it liquid, cream or paste, it is totally a matter of personal preference. Now is your turn to select an appropriate colour as well, it can be black, brown or any other shade, depending on the colour of your leather shoes. Once you make your choices, take a soft cloth and rub the polish along the surface of the shoes and give it ample time to dry out effectively. Lastly, with a gentle stroke, brush the surface of the shoes using a shoe brush and fix the shine according to your preference.

Following these quick methods you can save a lot of time that is spent to buy men party shoes online every time a pair of leather shoes are ruined due to lack of care and caution. On a regular basis these practices can make a huge difference and increase the strength and durability of your leather shoes. Follow, practice, overcome the hurdles and give a long life to your leather shoes today.
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