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The ideals that keep us afloat

Banish believes in strengthening the community of shoe lovers and helps inculcate the best practices that lead to their desired outcomes.We enthusiastically anticipate your active participation in our shoe culture that binds us all in the love for all things comfy and edgy. Hence, we bring to you our blogs that will help spread positivity and information to those who desire the best and educate the masses for the greater good.

Let us learn some ways to present ourselves in the best way possible:

They say that the first impression is your last impression which we most definitely believe in, hence, to say that making an impact through your appearance is the norm, would suffice our intent to bring out the best in you. Learning to pick the perfect options that suit your style shall be a priority for all, be it any event that comes by. To stress on your footwear, ranging from pure leather shoes for men to loafers and moccasins, your style should scream out your persona without much of an effort. Hence, gear up and sit tight, because we are here to build your confidence and brush up your style, continue reading our blog to find out how.

How can I ace my interview with the best pair of shoes?

Well as simple and bland this might sound, it’s even more tricky and requires precision that’s one of a kind. What’s the one thought that comes to your mind while buying any pair of shoes online, be it casual shoes for men online or formals for that matter? We bet it’s nothing but the desire to rock those pairs that you are investing in? Well, it’s about time that you’ve reached the right destination to learn about acing your footwear for an interview with an edge over others. Follow the steps mentioned below and win your chance to amazing experience:

a) Pick a comfortable fabric: A lot of people make the mistake of wearing uncomfortable material for events as serious and important as an interview. You need to remember that comfort is a must when going for an interview, as wearing something that doesn’t put you at ease can be extremely counter-productive. In our opinion, something like pure leather shoes for men can be a perfect match for interviews as it drops in a very classy and chic vibe and gives your personality a boost in general.

b) Pick the right colour: It’s absolutely important to look presentable and not stand out because of some gaudy, bright shoes that puts you down. Remember that shoes are your companion, you should be proud of them, not ashamed or be embarrassed because of them. Hence, make sure to go with something less itchy to the eye and more subtle and soothing that fits well with your attire in general. Colours like dark brown, tan, blue, and black make a perfect match for your interview shoes.

c) Pick the right style: Remember it’s not a party, it’s an extremely formal event, hence, you need to bring out the most professional side of yours to the recruiter. Shoes are a great way of telling others about yourself, thus, be it casual shoes for men online that you wish to purchase or a formal footwear altogether, it should totally match the vibe you’re setting out for.

Concluding your search with some wise words from Banish:

If you make sure to follow these steps, trust us, there is nothing that can stop you from acing the interview and bagging yourself the most desired job of your lifetime. Help us help you and bring out the most attractive and fashionable side of your personality, be it when you step in pure leather shoes for men or rock some casual pair of shoes on a regular basis.
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